Our strongest competencies

Thousands of flights made in time. Hundreds of yachts rented out. Thousands of organized trips of the most unusual format.

Jet charter

Anytime, 24 hours a day. Business trip or rest. More than 50,000 aircraft worldwide.

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Helicopter charter

Several thousand different types of helicopters are available for your needs right now all over the world.

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Yacht charter

More than 5,000 sailing and motor yachts are available for you from Europe to New Zealand.

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Travel concierge

Full range of services during travel and business trips for each of our clients 24 hours a day.

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Jet sharing

The opportunity to rent one or more seats in a private plane on excellent terms.

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Flights with the best cost

The best way to save money on a private flight with the same high class of service. Below are the current offers. Didn't find your destination? Contact us, we will find it.

Why clients choose & trust us


Interior, menu, service – everything will be tailored for the client's needs.


Crew will be selected with the very high standards, complying with all the requirements.


Higher standards than with regular operators, matching all international regulations.


All trips and flights are kept in high secrecy.

Mobility & flexibility

We can arrange your flight in 3 hours – minimum time needed to get everything done before departure.

Full service

Transfer, hotel, table reservation, ticket for an event and much more – everything could be processed with us for your convenience.

Our partners

Every day we solve the problems of our partners

Got some questions?

How long does it take for a helicopter to be ready from the moment it contacts you?

We prepare the helicopter for departure within the hour.

Is it possible to book a plane for a delegation of 25 people?

Our fleet has aircraft designed to carry this number of passengers. At the same time, the comfort of stay on board remains at a premium level.

Are there any medical restrictions on flights?

On our aircraft, the same rules apply as for flights with regular airlines. Unless you have a specific prescription from your physician regarding flight restrictions, you can safely use our services.

Is it possible to replace the flight crew at the customer's request?

Each flight train is approved and assigned to a specific airborne aircraft, and the replacement will be a rather complicated and time-consuming procedure. The situation with the replacement of flight attendants is easier. Up to the point where you can engage a third party flight attendant to service your flight.

Is it possible to change the number of passengers?

Any change must be agreed in advance and within a reasonable period of time. In this case, there will be no problems, but the capacity of the aircraft must be taken into account.

What kind of documents do I need to order an airplane?

We will prepare the whole set of necessary documents on the basis of the application received from the client. We sign a contract for the provision of services, issue an invoice and an act of work performed.

Is there a high-speed internet connection on board that allows video conferencing with the office?

The board is equipped with a high-speed wireless Internet system. Uninterrupted connection makes it possible to maintain video communication with the office.

What are the safety guarantees for passengers on your fleet's aircraft?

Our entire fleet undergoes preventive maintenance on a regular basis. We do not allow aircraft to fly if there is even the slightest suspicion of malfunction. All of our aircraft are in technical condition to the highest safety standards. All our crews are made up of experienced professionals who are certified and regularly take refresher courses in renowned domestic and foreign educational institutions.

Are there conditions for conducting negotiations and solving business tasks on board?

The board of each of our planes is equipped with everything necessary for work: Internet connection, office equipment, high speed, telephone communication. On some boards there are club zones for relaxed pastime and communication.

Can I order a helicopter for a private trip?

We provide helicopters for the organization of both business and private (romantic, entertaining) flights, for video and photo shooting in the air. A helicopter can be rented from us for flights all over the country.

Need help?

Every day we help dozens of our customers. If you have a question about our services or you already know what you need and want to know the terms, please contact us.

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