Helicopter charter

We successfully work with hundreds of international helicopter operators who have several thousand helicopters available for your needs.

The helicopter is ideal for short flights or flights to places where there are no airports, as well as other hard-to-reach places. We can arrange your flight from the airport to the ski resort, to the hotel or to any event (and even to the stadium).

We adhere to the highest standards, paying attention to even the smallest details and leaving customers with memorable impressions.

Civil helicopters has usually range of 600-1000km, which makes them unbeaten in air in terms of speed and mobility, because helicopter don't even need an airport, just a helipad, which save a lot of time for client. The ability to departure "right now" is a big advantage, customer will be in the right place at the right time.

Reasons you might have to charter a helicopter:

  • transfer between airports;
  • transfer to ski resorts;
  • transfer to/between hotels;
  • corporate events;
  • sporting events;
  • wedding flights;
  • air ambulance;
  • leisure flights;
  • cargo charter;
  • aerial photography.

A flight to the highest level

We organize your flight by helicopter with the highest possible level of comfort and service.

As soon as possible

It won't take us more than a few hours to prepare the plane.

Meals aboard the chief

Our staff will serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner prepared by a chef.

High qualified crew

We strictly select personnel for service on board.

Why clients choose & trust us


Interior, menu, service – everything will be tailored for the client's needs.


Crew will be selected with the very high standards, complying with all the requirements.


Higher standards than with regular operators, matching all international regulations.


All trips and flights are kept in high secrecy.

Mobility & flexibility

We can arrange your flight in 3 hours – minimum time needed to get everything done before departure.

Full service

Transfer, hotel, table reservation, ticket for an event and much more – everything could be processed with us for your convenience.

Service calculation

Write to us and we'll respond within 15 minutes