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Private flight at the price of «business»

Jet Sharing is the ability to rent one or more seats on a private jet. Thanks to this service, you can enjoy all the benefits of private air travel and pay much less than if you rented the whole plane. Jet Sharing is a profitable solution.

Actual Jet sharing offers

Route Flight date Passengers Aircraft Cost
Nice - Moscow 27.08.2021 1 Legacy 600 € 5 000 Order this flight
Moscow - Mykonos 29.08.2021 1 Legacy 650 € 5 000 Order this flight
Moscow - Mykonos 29.08.2021 1 Legacy 600 € 4 000 Order this flight
Tivat - Moscow 30.08.2021 1 Challenger 850 € 4 000 Order this flight

How to book Jet sharing?

If privacy, safety, comfort and excellent service on board are important to you during air travel, Jet sharing is for you. Ordering the service is very simple: you just need to leave an application for the required date and specify the number of passengers and special requests, for example, sofa rental. Manager will select for you suitable flights and let you know about it. You can also view the schedule of private flights and book seats on one of them. Then you pay for the required number of seats and wait for the departure date.

Jet Sharing - why is it beneficial?

Using this service you share the cost of the charter with other passengers, but still fly on a private flight in comfort and enjoy VIP service on board. A large number of private flights in different directions allows you to fly from point A to point B at the right time.

Jet Sharing Features

Jet Sharing is:

  • the ability to rent one, several seats or a sofa in the cabin;
  • complete privacy;
  • comfort and safety;
  • accommodation of passengers in the VIP lounge of the airport;
  • daily flights to different destinations;
  • special conditions for the luggage transportation.

Jet Sharing is much cheaper than renting a whole plane. You pay only for the actual number of seats occupied.

Service calculation

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